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How to Build a People Focused PMO Paid Webinar

Presented by
Bill Dow

Here is What You'll Learn

Prioritizing People

Origin of the 4 P’s in PMO

Define the 4 P’s in PMO 

History & Momentum of the 4 P’s

Why the “People” in PMO is Important

Why Leaders miss this concept

Build a Long-Term Sustainable PMO


Ten Steps to Building a People-Focused PMO

Step 1: Create a PMO Org Chart

Step 2: Creating Talent Assessment Cards

Step 3: Creating Talent Development Plans

Step 4: Creating PMO Training Plans

Step 5: Developing Leadership & Mentoring Programs

COVID Era Tips & Tricks

COVID Era - Focus on Remote workers

Step 7: Conduct Open Office Hours

Step 8: Conduct 1:1 Skip-Level Meetings

Step 9: Host Virtual Happy Hours

Step 10: Host PMO Team Events / PMO Days


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