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The Project Recovery Process - Does it have to be so hard? On Demand - Watch Anytime!

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Bill Dow

Here is What You'll Learn

Project Recovery Process

How do you start this process? This is not easy to recover a project, where do you even start?

Project Recovery Timeline

How long will this process take? Every project is different, but let's go over timelines.

Project Management Execution

How is the project being managed from a project management perspective? Are issues and risks being managed? Does it have a project schedule?

Project Development Methodolgy

How is the project development management being managed? Do we have enough team members, what are the team issues?

Project Adoption/Organizational Change Management

Does the project utilize an organizational change management methodology? How is the project adoption going?

Project Recommendation Document

Once you have completed all your analysis now it is time to write-up and document your findings?


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